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the music


01. sing it like

02. first broken heart

03. summer crushin'

04. easy to leave

05. stepping stone

06. getaway



the story

Jenn and Ashley Cooke make up the sister duo called The Lockets, a name that embraces and celebrates their different personalities as if they were two sides of a ‘locket,’ with music tying them together. In 2010, The Lockets started honing their craft and creativity the Nashville way. With open minds and souls to soak in as much as they could learn, they began co-writing, networking, and searching for their sound. The production process began and introduced the girls to studios, engineers, and talented musicians on Nashville's Music Row. With wanderlust in tow, The Lockets recorded several songs and released a well-recieved Stepping Stone to radio in 2013 (see below). That excitement inspired new songs with their new sound and propelled them into their EP titled The Getaway recorded in 2016. The 6-song EP is fun and fresh and just waiting on you to turn it up!


the shows

we are now hosting a seasonal monthly series called


we invite our talented friends to play music with us at Belcourt Taps in Nashville

come hang with us at the next show!




the first single

Stepping Stone - independently released to radio in 2013


What the stations had to say about Stepping Stone

“Totally supporting this record!.”